About Us

NFITMOUS is a fitness brand that was born in Central Texas in 2017 and is a Certified Veteran Owned LLC. The name NFITMOUS derives from fusing two words together, Infamous and Fit. NFITMOUS is someone who puts in real work in order to achieve any and/or all their fitness goals.
Anyone can be NFITMOUS - short, tall, small, big, young, old, powerlifter, weightlifter, bodybuilder, crossfitter or even the everyday gym go-er... ANYONE!
The idea behind NFITMOUS comes from the thought that if, an athlete who looks like a mythological god/goddess is famously fit then, an athlete who doesn't look like a mythological god/goddess must be InfamouslyFit. The lack of recognition that "real" people aren't getting, despite their fitness accomplishments, is soon to change.
 NFITMOUS is a brand set out to recognize any and all types of athletes regardless of their physique or abilities. To be an athlete, one doesn't need to look a certain way nor perform certain activities.
We are the brand that will change the status quo of the "ideal" athlete and shed light on the "real" athlete, in order to motivate and encourage them to keep going!
Join us on our fitness journey because apparel is only the beginning!
Together, we can turn NFITMOUS into "The People's Fitness Brand" and MAKE BIG THINGS HAPPEN!!
-Saulo E. Mendoza, Founder & President of Nfitmous, LLC