Ambassador Opportunities

So you want to be an Nfitmous Ambassador??

Well, here's your chance!


Fill out the contact information below and let us know WHY you are interested in becoming an ambassador and WHY you think you would be a good fit for our brand (responses less than 3 sentences will not be taken seriously).

*Be sure to include your Instagram account*


FYI: Here are a few things we will look at when determining if you have what it takes to be an ambassador... 

- Do you even lift?

- Do you even compete? (not required but it is a PLUS)

- Do you even follow us? @Nfitmous & @Team_Nfitmous

- Do you even own any Nfitmous gear?

- Do you have a fitness-only account? (must be public)

- Do you currently represent a competitor?

- Do you post 3-7 times a week?

- Do you have good engagement with your followers?


What will you gain by joining?

- The opportunity to be part of an up and coming FITNESS brand

- Recognition for all you fitness efforts and accomplishments

- Exposure on all our social media platforms to help promote yourself and grow your following

15% off all Nfitmous apparel and gear

- Your own discount code to pass along savings to your family and friends (10%)

- A chance to prove yourself and earn a spot on Team Nfitmous, where the exposure and discounts are even greater!!